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Haifisch (video)

From RammWiki

Haifisch is the third music video off the album Liebe ist für alle da by Rammstein.

Music video by Rammstein
Supporting release:Haifisch
Shoot:2 November 2009
Location:Castle Marquardt, Potsdam
Director:Joern Heitmann
Premiere:23 April 2010 (MySpace)
Rammstein music video chronology
Ich tu dir weh Haifisch Mein Land



The video starts off by showing the folded hands of the Rammstein band members, all except Till, who is not present. They are standing in line, shaking hands with the attendants of a funeral. A hearse with a funeral procession arrives at their location. Two people walking behind the hearse are carrying a mourning wreath with German text. More people arrive and shake hands with the band, while shots from outside show women with umbrellas arriving as well. The band members and a priest each enter through separate doors and arrive in the same as the other mourners. The priest then pets the head of a young boy who is present with his mother and then shakes her hand. Schneider is shown to be grabbing something from inside his suit. Another woman present is shown to be pregnant, with a man sitting with his head in his hands behind her. The priest goes over to the band members while another couple is arguing behind him. An older man with a camera signals the pregnant woman to come and stand next to the coffin, so he can take a picture. Schneider hands some papers over to the priest, while he and the others look at a band picture with Till's head removed, trying to find a replacement. The little boy points at the picture standing beside the coffin, which is of Till. His mother then starts fighting with the pregnant woman in front of the coffin, which catches the attention of the band members and the priest. The other mourners don't seem to care, except for the older gentleman, who once again tries to take a picture. The priest goes to break up the fight, while a mourner puts her head in her hands. The fight gets broken up and the band immediately looks back to the pictures. The man with the camera also glances over.

The coffin now gets transported. With the priest walking in front, the band carrying the coffin and the hearse behind them. The funeral procession walks behind the hearse, with one woman shown to have split from the group in order to pee behind a grave. Close-ups of the members' faces are shown, intercut with footage of Schneider taking of a white mask, dousing Till with gasoline, and lighting it. He and the other members are then shown walking away from an exploding car. Till's gravestone is then shown, with the priest and the mourners present, while the band members lower his coffin into his grave. Schneider looks at Richard while they lower his coffin and the priest delivers his last rites. This is intercut with the band climbing a mountain, and Schneider witnessing how Richard cut Till's rope, leading to him falling off the mountain.

Everyone is now seated at a table, eating soup. Flake looks angrily at Paul. A scene is shown where Till is spanking Paul, while dressed up as Snow White. Flake is shown standing next in line, with his pants around his ankles, with the other band members looking on in awe. Schneider is now looking at Olli, followed by a scene of Olli and Till dressed as astronauts on the Moon. Olli appears behind Till and removes the oxygen pipe from his space suit. Olli gestures him a final goodbye while he falls over and dies. Flake is now shown looking down at the table, with a scene playing of Flake force-feeding a fat Till spaghetti before ultimately suffocating him. Paul stands up and leaves the table. He heads outside where Richard is smoking a cigarette.

The other band members stand up as well. Paul puts his hand on Richard's shoulder and gets punched in the face by Richard as a result. While Paul goes to sit upright, the other members come outside to help him up. He shrugs them off and everyone starts looking at each other. Paul feels his bloody nose and charges at Richard, taking him down. Paul is now beating on Richard, with Olli and Schneider also starting to fight. The other mourners hear the commotion coming from outside and all leave the dinner table as well. Flake tries to pull Paul off of Richard while Schneider knocks Olli down. Richard gains the upper hand and a little girl is shown picking up two bloody teeth from an outside wall nearby the fight. The girl shows the teeth to the other mourners while Richard knocks Paul back down. Flake tries to help but falls, and stumbles into Till's open grave. Flake breaks Till's coffin, revealing it to be empty. He looks shocked, while a beautiful beach location is shown. A woman is shown sitting on a palm tree, before Till is shown, alive and well. He is standing at a United States Postal Service mailbox with another woman holding him. Till is seen with a big mustache, wearing a bathrobe and a dirty white undershirt while holding a cocktail. He lets the woman lick a stamp before attaching it to a postcard directed at his former band members. The postcard shows Till with a captured shark.


  • While looking at replacements for Till, the band looks at photos of Metallica vocalist James Hetfield, Marilyn Manson and Henry Rollins.
  • The text on Till's mourning wreath contains lyrics from Rammstein, Nebel, Seemann and Ohne dich.
  • One of the mourners is made up to look like Marilyn Manson.
  • The ways that the other members envision Till's death are all references to previous music videos:
  • Flake seeing Till as Snow White while seeing the others as dirty dwarves is a reference to the music video of Sonne.
  • The murdering of a fat Till with spaghetti is also a reference to the movie Se7en.
  • The headshot seen at Till's coffin, as well as the group shot Schneider has in his suit, were promotional pictures made in 2009 by P.R. Brown.


  • Rammstein
  • Director: Joern Heitmann
  • DoP: Christopher Haering
  • Editor: Patrick Wilfert
  • Producers: Ingo Georgi & Alex Kiening for Katapult Filmproduktion GmbH