Meister Proper Mix (DAT)

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Meister Proper Mix is a DAT tape, which includes an unreleased remix of the song Der Meister.

Meister Proper Mix
Meister Proper Mix cover
Single by Rammstein
Released: 1995/1996
Genre: Neue Deutsche Härte
Format: DAT
Length: 04:08
Producer: Milch


The tape was sold on eBay.

The remix on this tape is unreleased. Armin, from the band Milch, said, that it might have been rejected because of him using the word "es" (from "es wird kein Erbarmen geben") shortly after another, which leads to it sound like "SS wird kein Erbarmen geben", though he doesn't know if that is the actual reason it wasn't used.[1]

If Proper Mix is the actual name of the remix is unknown. It could also mean, that the mix on this tape is the proper and final one. Or it could be a play with the cleaning products brand "Meister Proper" ("Mr. Clean" outside of German-speaking countries).


DAT tape
  1. Der Meister (Proper Mix) - 04:08



  1. Mail conversation between Armin and RammWiki staff.