Seid bereit (song)

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Seid bereit
Song by Rammstein
GEMA database ID: 5236873-001
ISWC: T-800.575.028-8
Working title(s): Wartet auf die Antwort
Recorded: 2000
Studio Miraval, Correns Flag of France.svg
Length: 04:10

Seid bereit is an unreleased song by Rammstein.
Not to be confused with the working title of Wiener Blut.


  • This song has existed since the recording sessions for Mutter.
  • In March 2004 it was found in the GEMA database, which is how its existence is confirmed and its length is known. Apart from that, it had "Wartet auf die Antwort" listed as an alternate title, it is speculated that this is one of the lines sung in the song. Seid bereit is listed in GEMA to this day.



Title Release Length Recorded Released Notes
Seid bereit 04:10 2000 GEMA database