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1-Track Demo

From RammWiki
1-Track Demo
Demo cassette tape by Rammstein
Rammstein demo release chronology
6-Track Demo 3
1-Track Demo
6 Rough-Mixes/3 Mixes


  • This demo tape was recorded either during or leading up to the early production of the debut album Herzeleid.[1]
  • It is not confirmed that this tape only contained a single song. It is possible that other tracks were present.
  • Sadist was later heavily reworked, renamed and released on Sehnsucht as Tier.[2]


The tracklist may be incomplete.


  • This tape is significant for containing the, to date, only confirmed studio recording of the 1994 version of Tier, which was previously commonly believed to be entirely non-existant.
    • This recording of the song features entirely programmed drums.[1]


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