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6-Track Demo
6-Track Demo cover
Demo cassette tape by Rammstein
Released: 1995
Genre: Neue Deutsche Härte
Label: Motor Music
Producer: Jacob Hellner
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Secondary Cover
Xeroxed Cover


This demo tape was sent out to promote the upcoming release of the debut album Herzeleid.

There are officially three known official versions of this cassette, with the only differences being artwork-related; the main copy, pictured with its blue Motor Music J-Card artwork is the 'original' version, and an alternative copy, also in colour, which uses a bold Courier New font for its inlay text.

Alongside the coloured variants, there also exists a version with xeroxed (photocopied) artwork, which appears to be a direct scan of an original tape - this tape was most likely made by Rammstein's management, based off an original Motor Music copy. This tape has been confirmed official by a reliable, trustworthy source. Oddly, while the Xeroxed version of the tape stands out most for its unusual photocopied properties, it is the only one (known) to have extensive written provenance for it. The tape's original seller provided useful information regarding the origin and purpose of the Xeroxed tape, (and likewise, most likely all of the official 6-track demo tapes, too), which can be read in the provenance section below.


"I did receive this demo tape directly from the Rammstein Management / Touring Agency just when they where about to start their career. This tape was used in order to arrange the first Tour planned for the end of 1995. Back then I was the responsible booker for a rather small but well known Live Club in southern germany - capacity ca. 150-200 people - Called Cat Café - still exists.

I must have received this tape before the first Single "DU RIECHST SO GUT" released in that year August as you usually book a Tour more than 6 months ahead of time. I actually wanted to book them, but already then their Management had very positive feedback from Radio, TV, Press and DJs promoted with the Single, so they decided to book bigger venues just in advance.

It turned out in the end, that I visited a tour show in Stuttgart, Roehre on their guest list. The Roehre has a capacity of 500-700 people, but the concert was visited only with less than 100 people. I think that KMFDM was the opener... So I enjoyed their show with only a small bunch of people, but they already had their show with a lot of fire and explosives on the stage back then."[1]



  1. Der Riecher - 05:24
  2. Hallo Hallo - 04:52
  3. Weißes Fleisch - 03:21
  4. Rammstein - 03:23
  5. Schwarzes Glas - 04:07
  6. Der Seemann - 05:57


  1. The Xeroxed tape's original owner, a tour booker.