Benzin (video)

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Benzin is the first music video off the album Rosenrot by Rammstein.

Music video by Rammstein
Supporting release:Benzin
Shoot:Mid August 2005, 3 days
Director:Uwe Flade
Premiere:16 September 2005
Rammstein music video chronology
Keine Lust Benzin Rosenrot



Starting off at a fire station, this music video portrays the band members as firemen, just lounging around. Till and Richard are lying in their beds. Schneider and Paul are sitting at a table, the former staring at his meal, the latter at a book. Olli is also present at a nearby desk, fiddling with something. Flake is not present with the others. They're all looking very bored, until their alarm suddenly goes off. Even despite this, they don't seem to be in a hurry at all. Olli, Schneider and Paul just stare at the alarm, until Till finally rises from his bed and taps Richard on his stomach. They all put on their uniforms and start descending the fireman's pole.

In the fire station's garage, Till and Schneider pull the front gate open with a big rope. Following this, everyone climbs a big ladder straight to the front of their massive fire engine. The fire engine's inside is so spacious that all five men have the ability to sit in the front simultaneously. Richard is the one actually driving the truck, immediately hitting a van parked outside of their fire station. The fire truck is then shown driving through streets and fields, towering over houses. First, they run into a transmission tower, sending it into the sky, before colliding with a passing freight train and sending the locomotive and all its containers flying. They drive over one last long stretch of road, knocking over all the nearby trees in the process, before entering a busy city.

Inside the front of truck, Schneider grabs a hold of the fire truck's radio, before pausing and staring in front of him. Next to him, Paul is shown to be daydreaming. In his dream, Paul sees smoke coming from the top of a long staircase. He ascends the staircase, axe in hand, only to find himself in a smoke-filled hallway with one doorframe straight ahead of him. He goes into this room and finds an unconscious woman lying on the floor. Paul picks the woman up and starts carrying her out of the building. When he walks through the hallway again, he looks to his side, only to see more door doorways. These are all seemingly empty rooms, only containing the other band members, dressed in all black with torn clothes and and smoke coming off of them. Paul first sees Till singing, then Richard playing the guitar, then himself, then Schneider, Olli and finally even Flake.

Paul finally snaps out of the dream and the fire truck continues its rampage through the city: crashing through a bridge and making multiple cars spin out. Olli and Schneider are looking at a map while the truck sends two full lanes of traffic flying backwards. Richard takes a sharp turn, crashing through the side of a building, before making one final sharp turn, which results in the truck almost flipping over and contuining to drive on only half its wheels. As the truck rams a last batch of cars, it fully flips over on its roof and slides down the street. The band members and their firemen equipment are shown to have been launched out the truck and are lying scattered on the street. Till is the first to get back up, and as he does this, a man points to the top of a nearby building. As Till looks over to the building, he sees that at the very top, another man is about to jump. This man is Flake, dressed in everyday clothes. The others are now also starting to get up, and notice Flake as well.

The video shortly cuts to the dark and smokey versions of the band members again, before showing the firemen retrieving a life net from their truck and holding it open for Flake to land on. As Flake jumps, the center of the net starts ripping and the firemen start looking very distressed as they see Flake nearing the ground.


  • The video first premiered in Berlin in front of an audience on Saturday, Jun. 25th 2005. The band was also present. [1]
  • Large amounts of the video are computer generated.
  • Due to sickness, Flake was absent in this music video. His role was performed by his brother. [2]




  1. Confirmed by the music video's director, Uwe Flade