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Keine Lust (video)

From RammWiki

Keine Lust is the fourth music video off the album Reise, Reise by Rammstein.

Keine Lust
Music video by Rammstein
Supporting release:Keine Lust
Shoot:18 January 2005
Director:Joern Heitmann
Premiere:3 February 2005 (MTV News)
Rammstein music video chronology
Ohne dich Keine Lust Benzin


  • All band members, except Flake, wear a fat suit.
  • In October 2005 the video won the VIVA Comet in the category "Best Video 2005".
  • Rammstein played the song during the Echo Awards 2005, also in their fat suits.
  • A special video version with flamethrowers and women wearing Till's burning "Rammstein"-jacket was shown in the USA.