Ich tu dir weh (video)

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Ich tu dir weh is the second music video off the album Liebe ist für alle da by Rammstein.

Ich tu dir weh
Music video by Rammstein
Supporting release:Ich tu dir weh
Shoot:24 October 2009
Location:Berlin, during the tour rehearsals
Director:Jonas Åkerlund
Premiere:21 December 2009 (Visit X)
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Pussy Ich tu dir weh Haifisch


  • The video shows the band playing the song on their live stage from 2009 with some extra added effects.

Potential video topics[1]

It took three months for the band to come to an agreement on a topic for the video. The first idea by Jonas Åkerlund had in mind was that the band would play in a dark forest and perform on top of a burning pentagram. The band didn't like this idea at all.

Another idea by Åkerlund was that they would work in a mental asylum and they would have to take care of a girl. When the intro of the song would be over and the guitars would kick in, Till would start smacking the girl against the walls. The band would be very nasty towards the occupants of the mental asylum, but at the end, the occupants would get the upper hand and the band would become the ones in trouble.

The band also had the idea that there would be an FDJ (Free German Youth movement in the GDR) event, where they would play on stage and dancers would be holding barbed wire, waving with the it and pointing it towards their urethra. The band would have been an army orchestra while the dancers illustrated the lyrics.

They couldn't come to an agreement, so in the end, they simply thought that they should record themselves performing the song.