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Mutter (video)

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Mutter is the fourth music video off the album Mutter by Rammstein.

Music video by Rammstein
Supporting release:Mutter
Director:Joern Heitmann
Premiere:19 March 2002
Rammstein music video chronology
Ich will Mutter Feuer frei!


Video facts

  • Joern Heitmann said that when he made videos with the band, everyone was very interested to appear in them as actors.[1]
  • The idea for the video was supposed to be completely different; it was supposed to be a big story about orphans based on a script and partly improvised, a history similar to that of Kaspar Hauser, about death on a boat; it was supposed to be a few stories that associate with the lyrics of the song.[1]
  • After 3 months of touring in America, no one in the band wanted to make a video, even though the shooting was scheduled 3 or 4 days after their return and everything was ready for it, everyone went on vacation except for Olli and Till, so only Till did the video on his own, even though he was against that idea of being the sole actor. "Why me? There's nothing much interesting about me" said Till.[1]
  • The band almost split up because of the discussion over the video, Schneider said: "we had kind of focus, that the band should always be presented equally. Meaning, the singer shouldn't have the type of prominent status that he naturally has, that it's not additionally supported."[1]
  • Schneider: "It took on a momentum of its own and eventually, no one in the band could have his say, which culminated in leaving everything to Till and the director." Richard added: "So it was decided, that only the singer was to be represented in the video." Paul: "He (Till) then practically ended up in the hands of the director and had no more resistance, because he was on his own. But Till didn't complain. When a decision has been taken, he accepts it."[1]
  • Heitmann claimed that he can't exactly recall the moment if there was some technical background why Till had to perform alone.[1]
  • Heitmann finds Till interesting and worthwile being showcased.[1]
  • Schneider came up with the idea of Till rowing a boat on his own at the black sea, and he said that "you can sometimes make a video only with Till".[1]
  • Schneider said that Till's performance in the video is "pretty good" and that he personally likes it.[1]
  • Paul added, that comparing to other band they have a higher success ratio in regard to good and unique videos and he's pleased with that, so "I don't think it's not so bad when one or the other is not quite 100%.[1]
  • Richard said that he could easily imagine a "part 2" of the video.[1]
  • Paul wanted the rowing part of the video to be shot in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland because there, the light colour of the water contrasts with the black rocks, but "for some strange reason, the sea was moved to Germany".[1]
  • A real hole was dug with a small excavator for the scenes with Till in the ground cell. Till said that "everything was wet, drenched, slippery and muddy. It was really a deep hole in a lake like that."[1]
  • The video was shot in quite extreme conditions, at a temperature of below 0 °C, there was snow and ice all around.[1]
  • Heitmann said that their stage manager went overboard, because Till had to get into the water below zero and the crew had to wear wetsuits.[1]
  • It was originally planned to shoot a couple of diving scenes and getting out of the water scenes in the lake, but this was impossible due to the cold weather conditions, despite the wetsuits Till said that "as soon as you had your head underwater, it was so incredibly cold".[1]
  • Till deliberately shaved his head bald for the tour, so had to wear a wig some of the scenes, because the band wanted to emulate the aesthetics of the single cover on which Till also wore a wig. Till said that the wig "often swam on the surface and it's very difficult to adhere a toupee to a wet scalp."[1]
  • Till likes this video, because there's something morbid and sad about it at the same time.[1]
  • Heitmann admitted that of all the bands he made videos for, Rammstein is a difficult band to work with, but the end result is very fulfilling.[1]