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Sonne (video)

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Sonne is the first music video off the album Mutter by Rammstein.

Music video by Rammstein
Supporting release:Sonne
Shoot:13 - 15 January 2001
Location:Babelsberger Filmstudio
Director:Joern Heitmann
Premiere:29 January 2001
04:12 (US version)
Rammstein music video chronology
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  • "We wanted to do something less combative, because there are already too many videos in which the theme of boxing is present. We liked Snow White's idea right away." said Till about the video's theme.[1]
  • The US version of the video showed scenes for the counting 1 to 10. The international version started directly with the main riff.
  • The song omits the third verse in the video. This would be the same case for the Made in Germany version of the song as well, which also contains the jackhammer sound from the music video at the very end. Further, the band omits said verse live ever since the start of the Mutter Tour.
  • On his website, director Joern Heitmann writes the following about the video:

It was my first meeting with Rammstein when Olli Riedel handed me an ancient Babelsberg version of Snowwhite asking me if I could make them dwarfs. I promised I could. Raised in the western part of Germany myself I grew up with the Disney version of that fairytale. It came out a mix of both worlds. Rammstein Gitarist Paul Landers told me later though that I made Snow White big instead of making them dwarfs. Interesting point.

  • Another idea for the video was the band playing in a rehearsal room and starting to fight with each other. After a while the walls get blown away and Mongolians on horses drag the band members away. This story was later used for Steh auf.[2]
  • A third idea was that the band would be the crew of the plane that would drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima in 1945. During the chorus the mushroom cloud of the explosion would be shown. It would then go on to show the conflict of the band, and how they were able to drop the bomb, knowing that people down there died a horrible death.[3]
  • The fourth idea for the video was the band playing live. The camera zooms out and shows that the band is tied to stakes. Behind the band are cows and donkeys, which are also tied up. As the camera zooms out further, it becomes clear that the band is playing on a nuclear weapons test site. During the last chorus, the band is shot at, unaware that they themselves were only guinea pigs for the weapons.[4]


  • Rammstein
  • Joulia Stepanova
  • Robert (last name unknown)


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