08.11.2001 (concert)

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8 November 2001
Performance by Rammstein
Show count: #398
Country: Germany Flag of Germany.svg #197
City: Frankfurt am Main #5
Event: MTV Europe Music Awards #2
Venue: Festhalle #2
Tour: Mutter Tour #78
Tour leg: TV Performances #5
Songs: 1
Recordings: Video (professional, complete) x1
Touring chronology
4 November 2001 8 November 2001 10 November 2001


  • This was the band's second performance at the MTV Europe Music Awards's. The first time was on 12 November 1998.
  • Rammstein were nominated in the category "Best German Act", but lost to Samy Deluxe.
  • The band played the main riff of Sonne at the beginning, while using the flamethrower-masks of Feuer frei!. The masks were worn by Till, Flake and Olli.


The complete setlist is unknown and the order may be wrong.



  • There is a complete recording of the TV broadcast of this performance. Parts of it are shown in Achtung Blitzkrieg!, a small video consisting of short cuts of several TV appearances, which is featured on Lichtspielhaus.