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Song by Rammstein from the single Mutter
GEMA database ID: 5236890-001
ISWC: T-800.574.979-2
Working title(s): Die Geburt
Fünf Viertel
Recorded: 2000
Studio Miraval, Correns Flag of France.svg
Producer: Jacob Hellner
Mixed: Stefan Glaumann
Toytown Studios, Stockholm Flag of Sweden.svg
Mastered: Willem Makkee
Emil Berliner Studios, Langenhagen Flag of Germany.svg
Released: 25 March 2002
Length: 05:31
Time signature: 5/4
Tempo: 77
Key: C
Live debut: 16 April 2000
Last played: 19 November 2001

5/4 is the third song on the single Mutter by Rammstein.


  • The robotic voice used in the song is actually from a Texas Instruments Speak and Spell - a children's toy.



Title Release Length Recorded Released Notes
5/4 Mutter 05:31 2000 25 Mar 2002


Live performance

Mutter Tour

An early version of the song was performed on 16 April 2000. This version sounded almost exactly the same as the later version, with the only difference being that the earlier version was more abridged. On 11 May 2001, the song was performed without any stunts or effects during a rehearsal concert.

During the performance, Flake would start off alone on the stage, playing a keyboard intro. While he played, a giant uterus would be lowered from the ceiling. The uterus would blink red, corresponding to Flake's synths. After a while, high-pitched noises would be heard, and multiple big sparks and flashes would go off. The sparks would originate from both the lighting rig, and Flake's keyboard station. After the sparks stopped, the uterus would descend further and a different synth would get used. The uterus would be glowing red more often, and longer at this point. After it had descended enough, the uterus would remain in place and the other band members would start falling out of it. When the first person fell out, the song's main keyboard track would start playing.

Schneider would usually be the first one out, he would lay on the floor, and look around confused while standing up. He, like all other members, would only be wearing white underwear, resembling a diaper. After idling for a while, he would walk over to a crewmember dressed as a scientist standing next to a contraption. The movement of the band members would be very stiff, stunted and sometimes robotic. Schneider would stand in front of the contraption and after pulling a lever, it would launch steam in his direction. Sometimes the band members would raise their arms when the steam launched at them. Afterwards, Schneider would head to his drumset, take place, and join in on the song's performance. The next member, Olli, would usually already be out of the uterus while Schneider stood at the contraption. He would go through the same steps as him, with the difference being that Olli would grab his bass from the floor and join in at his normal spot. Paul would come out of the uterus not long after Olli, and lay on the floor for a long time while the previous two were getting ready to play their instruments.

Richard would already be out before Paul went over to the contraption, and would also spend some time idling around before going over to the scientist. After Paul activated the contraption, the scientist would take him and place him aside, with Richard activating the contraption soon after. Richard would then start walking back to his spot, where another scientist would place his guitar around his neck. The scientist would then grab and place him at the correct spot, turn him towards the audience, and place his hand on the guitar. Richard would then start walking off again, with the second scientist placing him back in his spot. While this happened, the other scientist placed Paul at his spot and placed his guitar around him as well. With both guitars now also joined in, every member would now play their instrument alongside the main beat for a while before the song ended. The first scientist, who would remain standing on the stage during the song, would leave along with all the other band members when the song ended. All members, except Flake, laid down their instruments again in order to go put on their stage clothes backstage.

The giant descending uterus was no longer used after 1 June 2001. As a result, the sparkling fireworks going off on the lighting rig and Flake's station went unused as well and the performance was shorter now, with the extended synth intro while the uterus descended being completely absent. The performance would now start with the main keyboard track almost immediately. The band members would now randomly walk onto the stage from the backstage, keeping the same appearance order as before. The second scientist would now lead members over to the scientist with the contraption, where they would use it to launch steam at themselves. Richard would no longer act up, but Paul would do this instead. They also switched appearance order at some concerts. Paul would often not cooperate with the first scientist, leading to the second one coming in to help restrain him. He would also sometimes stop walking altogether and lay down on the floor. The scientist would then have to pull him to the contraption.

From August to November, the scientists and the contraption would no longer be present onstage and a new effect was used. All band members would be present with their instruments from the beginning, wearing only the white underwear and a new mask, resembling a fetus or baby. The song would still be performed in the same manner, with Flake starting and Schneider, Olli and both guitarists joining in later. The song would be even shorter now than previously. Till would never be present on the stage during the performance of this song, as he would only come out at the start of the second song.


Type Description First played Last played
Early version More abridged synths 16 Apr 2000 16 Apr 2000
Intro Extended synth intro followed by main keyboard track 1 May 2001 1 Jun 2001
Alternative Shortened, starts directly with main keyboard 5 Jun 2001 31 Jul 2001
Alternative Shortened even further, other instruments join in faster 4 Aug 2001 19 Nov 2001

Professional recordings

Date Type Location City Country Notes
17 Nov 2001 Video Luzhniki Palace of Sports Moscow Russia Flag of Russia.svg


Single version