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5/4 is the 3rd song on the single Mutter by Rammstein.

Song by Rammstein from the single Mutter
GEMA database ID: 5236890-001
ISWC: T-800.574.979-2
Working title(s): Die Geburt
Fünf Viertel
Recorded: 2000
Studio Miraval, Correns Flag of France.svg
Released: March 25, 2002
Length: 05:31
Time signature: 5/4
Tempo: 77
Key: C
Live debut: April 16, 2000
Last played: November 19, 2001
Producer(s): Jacob Hellner
Mixed: Stefan Glaumann
Toytown Studios, Stockholm Flag of Sweden.svg
Mastered: Willem Makkee
Emil Berliner Studios, Langenhagen Flag of Germany.svg


  • The song was used as an intro for most of the Mutter Tour.
  • The robotic voice used in the song is actually from a Texas Instruments Speak and Spell - a children's toy.



Title Release Length Recorded Released Notes
5/4 Mutter 05:31 2000 March 25, 2002



Type Description First played Last played

Professional recordings

Date Type Location City Country Notes
2001-11-17 Video Luzhniki Palace of Sports Moscow Russia Flag of Russia.svg


Album version