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Engel is the first music video off the album Sehnsucht by Rammstein.

Music video by Rammstein
Supporting release:Engel
Shoot:March 1997
Location:Prinzenbar BDSM Club, Hamburg
Director:Hannes Rossacher,
Norbert Heitker
Premiere:April 1997
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The video starts off by showing three men in suits (Till, Flake, and Schneider) walking towards a lonely building. Shots from inside show that the building is actually a strip club. A three-man band, consisting of the other members, is performing live while the men from the beginning take place in front of the stage. A caged erotic dancer catches the attention of Flake, who quickly looks down. While the three men receive drinks, a duo of caged children can now be seen with a little girl singing along with the band. A dancer (Cecil Dütsch) appears on stage with a big snake wrapped around her body, quickly attracting attention from all the patrons in the club. She lifts the snake off her body and grabs Flake by his tie, pulling him closer to her before shoving him back and putting her foot in his smouth. She then lets Tequila flow down her leg into his mouth before rubbing her foot in his face. The performance makes all the patrons start applauding while the men in suits don't show any kind of reaction. The dancer continues her snake routine while the audience goes even wilder. The dancer ends up laying on the floor when electricity jolts make her swap places with Flake. All the suited men begin using pyrotechnics with the audience looking on in terror. Shortly afterwards, the men are seen exiting the club.


  • The band in the video does not follow the actual band roles: Paul is playing drums, Olli is playing acoustic bass and singing, and Richard is playing guitar and also singing.
  • Once Flake swaps places with the dancer, all band members can be seen wearing their actual 1997 live costumes.
  • One of the strip club's patrons can be seen wearing a Rammstein T-shirt.
  • The setting of the music video is a homage to a scene from the movie "From Dusk Till Dawn". Many elements, including the erotic dancer with the snake, her antics, and the small band are carried over.[1]
  • Richard injured himself whilst shooting the video and ended up with a big scar on his hand.[1]
  • The exploding snare drum Paul threw in the video, was Schneider's actual snare drum, which the band didn't want destroyed. They asked the largest person on the set to catch the snare drum. This person was Ulf Herman, also known as "Herman the German", a professional wrestler who would go on to work as security for the band for many years.[1]


Music video

Release Length Released Resolution Notes
Sehnsucht (Promotional VHS)
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Lichtspielhaus 04:23 1 December 2003 768 x 576
Made in Germany 04:25 2 December 2011 1,024 x 576 Black borders left and right
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