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Rammstein is the third music video off the debut album Herzeleid by Rammstein.

Music video by Rammstein
Supporting release:Engel
Shoot:29 November 1995 -
22 February 1996,
27 September 1996
Location:California, Nevada
Director:Emanuel Fialik,
Mathilde Bonnefoy
Premiere:April 1997
Rammstein music video chronology
Seemann Rammstein Engel


The video is a mix of concert footage and scenes from the movie "Lost Highway".

Video facts

  • The record company wanted the band to pick a director for the video. They chose David Lynch.[1]
  • Till said that they wanted Claudia Schiffer and Johnny Depp for the video.[1]
  • Richard admitted that it was very naive of them to simply say: just ask David Lynch, maybe he's up for it.[1]
  • The record company actually sent David Lynch a package. At that time, he was in the middle of shooting "Lost Highway".[1]
  • Lynch was really impressed by the sinister mood of the music.[1]
  • Acording to what Bill Pullman (the lead actor in "Lost Highway") said to Richard, David Lynch made all of his cast act and perform with Rammstein's music during the "Lost Highway" shootings.[1]
  • Paul said that it surprised them that their music played a massive part in "Lost Highway" but was also pleasing.[1]
  • Schneider said that the fact that their music was used in the film also led to the possibility of using scenes from the film to make a kind of video for the song.[1]
  • Alexander Herzog (post-production) said that it was problematic to mix the video scenes with the live scenes due to different video cameras, different perspectives plus ten hours of material, stored back then on different VHS tapes. Finding the right pieces, which blend well with the movie footage, is of course pretty difficult'.'[1]
  • The band was quite baffled because Alexander Herzog used to do quite a few techno videos in those days.[1]
  • There was a lot of good feedback from the band when it comes to the video, they liked it and said it was great.[1]
  • Schneider admitted that it was a great honor for them that someone like David Lynch used their music, due to the fact that Rammstein was controversial in Germany in those days.[1]
  • Paul thinks that David Lynch liked their music due to the fact that it was different from what the American bands had to offer.[1]
  • Alexander Herzog said that he used the random noise effect, which was also present in the "Lost Highway" movie as a bridge, to connect film material and live material.[1]
  • Paul said that it was an honor to be a part of a David Lynch film, but he's not entirely sure that they deserved it, but he was happy that the fact annoyed some people in Germany who criticised them.[1]
  • The band was invited to a private screening of "Lost Highway".[1]
  • Richard admitted that he didn't understood "Lost Highway" at all, but the pictures and stories fit well with their music.[1]
  • When Rammstein's music appeared during the movie, everybody in the band said: wow, that's so cool.[1]


Music video

Release Length Released Resolution Notes
L'Intégrale 04:29 28 September 1998 720 x 576 Black/white
Lichtspielhaus 04:28 1 December 2003 768 x 576
Made in Germany 04:30 2 December 2011 1,024 x 576 Black borders left and right
Videos 1995-2012 (DVD) 04:32 14 December 2012 1,024 x 576 Black borders left and right
Videos 1995-2012 (BD) 1,920 x 1,080 Black borders left and right
Upscaled to HD


  • Directors & Editors: Emanuel Fialik, Mathilde Bonnefoy
  • Montage: Alexander Herzog, Kai Kniepkamp
  • Production: "Mann im Mond"