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Ich bin (song)

From RammWiki
Ich bin
Song by Rammstein
El Cortijo Studio, Málaga

Ich bin is an unreleased song by Rammstein.


  • This song has existed since the recording sessions for Reise, Reise and Rosenrot.
  • In March 2004 it was found in the GEMA database, which is how its existence is confirmed and its length is known. Later that month the German magazine "Sonic Seducer" published a tracklist of the 4th album, where Ich bin was listed as the sixth track.[1] As of today, the song has been removed from GEMA.
  • According to Paul, the first line of the first verse was "Ich steckte meinen linken Fuß in einen Pfuhl, der stinken muss" and the chorus was "Оmm, wie erleuchtet... Omm, ich bin total erleuchtet" and one of the lines sung in the chorus was "Ich bin ergeben, so ergeben". The band members did not like these lyrics, so Till had to come up with something different for the song.[2]
    • Some of these lyrics were released in 2015 as the poem Hare Krishna in Till's book In stillen Nächten.
  • Paul confirmed that the song was eventually reworked and subsequently released with new, Spanish lyrics as Te quiero puta!;[3] the main guitar was not changed.[2]



Title Release Length Recorded Released Notes
Ich bin 03:34 2003 GEMA database


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