12.10.1996 (concert)

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12 October 1996
© Eckardt Mildner
Performance by Rammstein
Show count: #151
Country: Germany Flag of Germany.svg #133
City: Freiberg #2
Venue: Tivoli #1
Tour: Herzeleid Tour #112
Tour leg: Autumn leg 1996 #13
Support: Secret Discovery #12
Price: 22 / 26 DM
Songs: 5 known
Touring chronology
11 October 1996 12 October 1996 14 December 1996


  • The last known time Schwarzes Glas and Das alte Leid were played live.
  • Photographer Eckardt Mildner shot photos of the entire concert, except for one song.[1]
  • Eckardt was contacted the next day by detectives for all of his photos, because two female fans stole Till's chainmail from the backstage. The detectives tried to find out who it was with the help of the photos taken by Eckardt. It is unknown, if the chainmail has ever been found.[1]


The complete setlist is unknown and the order may be wrong.