Stripped (song)

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Song by Rammstein from the album For The Masses
GEMA database ID: 1929149-001
ISWC: T-011.323.170-1
Recorded: 27 January - 1 February 1998[1]
Vox Klangstudio, Bendestorf Flag of Germany.svg[1]
Producer: Jacob Hellner
Mixed: Ronald Prent
Mastered: Björn Engelmann
Cutting Room, Stockholm Flag of Sweden.svg
Released: 4 August 1998
Single: 27 July 1998
Video: July 1998
Length: 04:44
Time signature: 4/4
Tempo: 100
Key: E minor
Live debut: 1 June 1999
Last played: 2 January 2019

Stripped is the first song on the single Stripped by Rammstein.


  • The original song was recorded by Depeche Mode in 1985.
  • Rammstein were asked to contribute a song to the tribute album "For The Masses" and were able to choose any song they wanted.[2]
  • The original chorus line is "Let me see you stripped down to the bone". Apparently, Till was not able to sing "down to the bone", which is why the band left it out of the song.[2] However, Charlie Clouser's "Heavy Mental Mix" does feature the original chorus.
  • Depeche Mode actually like Rammstein's cover version.[2]



Title Release Length Recorded Released Notes
Stripped Sehnsucht (US/Canada/Australia)
For The Masses
04:44 1998 4 Aug 1998
Stripped Stripped 04:25 1998 27 Jul 1998 Edited
Stripped (Radio Edit) Stripped (US Promo) 03:05 1998 27 Jul 1998 Edited
Missing the intro and first verse
Stripped XXI 04:44 1998 4 Dec 2015 Remastered


Title Release Type Length Recorded Released
Stripped Völkerball (2CD) Audio 08:16 23 Jul 2005 Festival de Nîmes, Nîmes Flag of France.svg 17 Nov 2006
Stripped Völkerball Video


Title Release Length Remixed by Released Notes
Stripped (Psilonaut Mix) Stripped
Made in Germany
04:28 Johan Edlund 27 Jul 1998 Remastered on Made in Germany
Labeled as Remix by Johan Edlund on Made in Germany
Stripped (Heavy Mental Mix) Stripped
Ich will (UK single CD2)
05:12 Charlie Clouser 27 Jul 1998
Stripped (Tribute to Düsseldorf Mix) Stripped 05:10 Charlie Clouser 27 Jul 1998
Stripped (FKK Mix) Stripped 04:35 Günter Schulz 27 Jul 1998


Live performance

Sehnsucht Tour

Debuting during the 1999 North American leg, the song would start off with an extended synth intro, with Flake being the only member visible on the stage. When Till started singing, a lightbox at the front of the stage would make him visible as well. Till would be wearing the flammable robe previously used during performances of Tier and Wilder Wein. After singing the last "Let me see you stripped" after the first verse, Till would spread his arms and flames would go up the robe. Simultaneously, the main lights would go on and the other members would start to play. During the second verse, Till would usually take the robe off and throw it on the ground, where a crewmember would come and grab it. Whilst singing the first "Let me see you stripped" after the instrumental break, flames would shoot up in front of Schneider's drum set. Paul and Richard would provide backing vocals throughout the entire song. Till would also make humping motions throughout the performance and headbang after every verse.

On 6 June, Till did not wear the robe, instead, the flames in front of Schneider's drums went off after the last "Let me see you stripped" after the first verse. This also meant that the flames did not go off later in the song. On 20 June, no flames went off in front of the drums.

Mutter Tour

Stripped would return to the main setlist on 26 May 2001. The song would be performed without any stunts or effects from May to August. Starting from November, the song would again receive dedicated effects and stunts. After singing the last "Let me see you stripped" after the first verse, Till would rise his arms and multiple tall flames would shoot up from the front of the stage. During the instrumental break, crewmembers would bring a rubber boat to the front of the stage, which Flake would enter in order to be passed onto the crowd, similar to earlier performances of Seemann and Heirate mich. The other band members, except Schneider, would gather in a line at the front of the stage in order to watch the boat being passed around. After a while, Flake would return to the stage and the instrumental break would continue, with the guitars now also joining in. When the boat returned, Richard, Paul, and Till would encourage the audience to clap before singing the last verse.

In 2002, the song's performance remained the same, albeit with Olli now taking the place of Flake in the rubber boat.

Reise, Reise Tour

The basic performance would remain the same as the previous tour, but there are now more flames that shoot out at the beginning of the song. Olli also kept his role as the "captain" of the boat, with an even longer instrumental break. Flake claims this change was due to him being injured too often when performing the stunt.[3] At the very end of the song, after singing the last line, a big explosion would go off at the lighting rig.

2016 & 2017 Tours

In 2016, the normal intro part was kept the same, with even more flames being used at the start of the song. After the second verse, Paul and Richard would head over to the center of the stage and play opposite of one another, they would head back to their normal spot afterwards. The instrumental break would follow, with the audience being encouraged to clap, but the boat was no longer used. There would also be no explosion at the end of the song.

In 2017, the performance was slightly changed again. Now, during the instrumental break, Paul and Richard would start using the guitar-mounted flamethrowers. Even after the break, they would continue to shoot flames above the stage until the song ended. The song was also performed in this manner during the New Year's Eve shows.


Type Description First played Last played

Professional recordings

Date Type Location City Country Notes

Music Videos

Name Director Released Notes
Stripped Philipp Stölzl
Sven Budelmann
July, 1998


Album version

Come with me into the trees
We lay on the grass and let hours pass
Take my hand, come back to the land
Let's get away, just for one day

Let me see you stripped
Let me see you stripped

Metropolis has nothing on this
You're breathing a fuse I taste when we kiss
Take my hand, come back to the land
Where everything's ours for a few hours

Let me see you stripped
Let me see you stripped
Let me hear you make decisions
Without your television
Let me hear you speaking just for me
Let me see you stripped
Let me see you stripped
Let me hear you make decisions
Without your television
Let me hear you speaking just for me
Let me see you stripped
Let me see you stripped
Let me see you stripped
Let me see you stripped