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03.09.1997 (concert)

From RammWiki
3 September 1997
Concert by Rammstein
Show count:#191
Country:United States
City:New York City, NY
Event:CMJ Festival
Venue:Bank Club
Tour:Sehnsucht Tour
Tour leg:Festival leg 1997
Support act:Y Front
Price:$10 / $12[1]
Songs:4 known
Rammstein touring chronology
30 Aug 1997 3 Sep 1997 6 Sep 1997
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  • During Bück dich Flake tried to smash a neon lamp against Till's shoulder. After finally breaking it, Till was bleeding all over his back. Flake threw the rest of the lamp away and hit Schneider's arm, which immediately started to bleed too.[2]
    • In the Rammstein in Amerika documentary, Schneider mentions that the neon lamp stunt was performed during the song Feuerräder. This is not correct. While the band did indeed perform such a stunt during Feuerräder while touring in Europe, by the time they started playing shows in America in 1997, the song had been removed from the setlist. The stunt was instead performed on Bück dich. It is to be assumed that Schneider misremembered and mixed up the two songs after many years.
  • In a photo of the concert Till can be seen wearing a bloodstained bandage on his head. He is also wearing a shirt under the burning coat, meaning it is the beginning of the performance, so most likely the blood on the bandage is fake.
  • The band played late and in front of only around 30 people.[2]
  • Wayne Pighini watched the concert and did not want to sign the band.[2]


The complete setlist is unknown and the order may be wrong.
3 )
    • Rammstein
    • Seemann
    • Heirate mich
1 )
    • Bück dich
0 )
      Reise, Reise  
    0 )
      0 )
          Liebe ist für alle da  
        0 )
          0 )
            0 )
              0 )




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