06.09.1997 (concert)

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6 September 1997
Performance of "Du riechst so gut"
Concert by Rammstein
Show count:#192
Country:United States
City:New York City, NY
Event:CMJ Festival
Venue:Batcave Downtown Club
Tour:Sehnsucht Tour
Tour leg:Festival leg 1997
Other artists:Hanzel und Gretyl, Kervorkian Death Cycle, Neuroplague, Heavy Water Factory and 4 others[1]
Songs:6 known
Video:AUD (1)
Rammstein touring chronology
3 Sep 1997 6 Sep 1997 26 Sep 1997
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  • Originally another show was scheduled on this date but was ultimately cancelled.
  • The band went on stage around 4 am, and played for about an hour.[2]
    • The band opened with Rammstein with the flame coat.
    • Seemann was also played, but the boat stunt was quickly abandoned as there was not enough people in the crowd, nor was the venue big enough.
    • At some point Flake was smacked around a bit, and set on fire a few times.
    • The band did not play Das Modell.
  • After the show, the band got to talk with attendees outside of the venue and they were eager to hear feedback about their performance. They also talked about Princess Diana since her death was all over TV.[2]
  • Merchandise was not sold at the show; rumors were that it was a customs issue.[2]
  • Tickets were not sold for this show. If you brought a flyer it meant reduced price in admission.[2]
  • Boy George, and Jared Louche, lead singer of Chemlab were at this performance.[2]


The complete setlist is unknown and the order may be wrong.
4 )
    • Rammstein
    • Du riechst so gut
    • Seemann
    • Weißes Fleisch
2 )
    • Sehnsucht
    • Bück dich
0 )
      Reise, Reise  
    0 )
      0 )
          Liebe ist für alle da  
        0 )
          0 )
            0 )
              0 )



                • Short snippets of an audience video recording of Du riechst so gut and Weißes Fleisch are shown in the Rammstein in Amerika documentary.



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