02.07.1994 (concert)

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2 July 1994
Performance by Rammstein
Show count: #12
Country: Germany Flag of Germany.svg #12
City: Berlin #2
Venue: Kunsthaus Tacheles[1] #1
Tour: Club Tour #12
Songs: 12[2]
Recordings: Video (professional, complete) x1
Video (professional, incomplete) x1
Touring chronology
18 June 1994 2 July 1994 16 July 1994


  • This is the earliest known recording of a Rammstein concert to date, and thus the first known time that all of these songs, except Rammstein, were played live.



  • By far the most complete video recording of the band from 1994 was taken on this date, even surpassing the 27 August show, which was only filmed partially.
  • In the primary camera angle, there is a cut between the latter half of Feuerräder and the beginning of Du riechst so gut because Till rolled into the camera during the riding stunt.[3]



  • There is an in-depth two-part analysis of the concert audio, breaking down every aspect of the music as compared to later performances. It is nothing more than a discussion, and contains no audio or footage of the show itself.


  • There are two professional single-camera recordings of this show, but they are not publicly available. One is nearly complete (cut between the Feuerräder bridge and the intro of Du riechst so gut), the other is incomplete but includes an interview backstage.[4]