26.09.1997 (concert)

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26 September 1997
Performance of "Engel"
Performance by Rammstein
Show count: #189
Country: Germany Flag of Germany.svg #154
City: Emden #1
Venue: Nordseehalle #1
Tour: Sehnsucht Tour #37
Tour leg: German Autumn leg 1997 #1
Support: Vitro #1
Price: 33 - 38 DM
Songs: 12 known
Touring chronology
6 September 1997 26 September 1997 27 September 1997


  • The only known time Eifersucht was played live.
    • This could be wrong since the source is a German magazine "Bravo", which is known to deliver wrong information in their articles.[1]
    • Paul himself mentioned Eifersucht among never played songs in an interview.
  • During the concert, the roof of the venue allegedly caught fire [2] which supposedly happened during Eifersucht due to huge flame pillars.



  1. Example: For a long time, Paul Landers' name in the magazine was "Paul Block" and Oliver Riedel's name was "Lars Reider".
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