5-Track Demo

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5-Track Demo
5-Track Demo cover
Demo album
Released: April 30, 1994
Genre: Neue Deutsche Härte
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  • This demo came with original information sheets from the band.
  • This tape was used for radio airplay to promote the May 6, 1994 show at the Anker venue in Leipzig.
  • The song Das alte Leid is misspelled as Das alte Lied on the tracklist.
  • This tape is the only known release to feature a full version of the Das alte Leid demo; all other demos on other releases fade out.
  • Up to now, only one known copy of this tape surfaced, along with its no-artwork 'backup copy'.
  • Interestingly, the demos on this tape seem to be mixed differently than the later demos issued on Motor Music promo tapes.
  • An alternate version without artwork exists, including an early instrumental demo song using the baby sample from Mutter as a sixth track. This tape was circulated by the band directly.




  • side A
  1. Das alte Leid - 05:46
  2. Weißes Fleisch - 03:19
  3. Der Seemann - 05:51
  • side B
  1. Rammstein - 05:22
  2. Jeder lacht - 04:06