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5-Track Demo

From RammWiki
5-Track Demo
Demo cassette tape by Rammstein
Recorded:Beat Studio, Berlin, 1994
Released:30 April 1994 [1]
Rammstein demo release chronology
4-Track Demo
5-Track Demo
6-Track Demo



  • This demo was recorded when Falco Richter was still the band's manager.
  • This demo came with an original information sheet from the band.
  • This tape was used for radio airplay to promote the 6 May 1994 show at the Anker venue in Leipzig.
  • The song Das alte Leid is misspelled as Das alte Lied on the tracklist.
  • This tape is the only known release to feature a full version of the Das alte Leid demo; all other demos on other releases fade out.
  • Up to now, only one known copy of this tape has surfaced, along with its no-artwork 'backup copy'.
  • Interestingly, the demos on this tape seem to be mixed differently than the later demos issued on Motor Music promo tapes.
  • An alternate version without artwork exists, including an early instrumental demo song using the baby sample from Mutter as a sixth track. This tape was circulated by the band directly.



The front of the information sheet.

The original demo tape came with a self-made information sheet which was inserted inside of the case. The front of this info sheet reads as follows:

"Geboren aus den schönsten Männern von Feeling B, The Inchtabokatables, Orgasm Death Gimmik und der Firma vereint RAMMSTEIN ein excellentes Ensemble begabter Solokünstler zur Auferstehung einer Generation, die sich dereinst nach ihnen benennen wird. lockende deutschsprachige Lyrik
krachende Gitarren
bombastiche Chöre
harte Samples
Loops TANZMETAL RAMMSTEIN ist die neue Hoffnung deutscher Kultur im Abfalleimer zerkauter Musikmärkte BILDET RAMMSTEINE ! GRÜNDET FANCLUBS ! SEID GLÜCKLICH !"


Release Country Label Type Comment Bonus content Cover Discogs
1994 Germany MC Jewelcase Final version of the MC.
Comes with printed artwork, a stickered cassette, and an info sheet.
Was given to various radio hosts in 1994.
Only known example has dropouts.
1994 Germany DAT Jewelcase DAT version.
Higher quality than the cassette versions.
Bares Falco Richter's name - proof that he was Rammstein's first manager.
Only known example has dropouts.


  1. 1. Das alte Leid - 05:38
    2. Weisses Fleisch - 03:25
    3. Der Seemann - 05:57
  2. 1. Rammstein - 05:28
    2. Jeder lacht - 04:01




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