07.07.2001 (concert)

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7 July 2001
Performance by Rammstein
Show count: #351
Country: United States Flag of United States.svg #67
City: Seattle, WA #2
Venue: Moore Theatre #1
Tour: Mutter Tour #31
Tour leg: North American leg 2001 #8
Support: Godhead
Songs: 9 known
Touring chronology
6 July 2001 7 July 2001 8 July 2001
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07.07.2001 pyroflyer.jpg
Pyro flyer


  • This concert was played without pyrotechnics.[1]
    • Orange flyers explaining the situation were handed out to attendees.
    • Because no pyrotechnics were allowed, Till did not have the sparkling boots during Weißes Fleisch. He instead started hitting the head of a security guard near the beginning of the song.[1]


{{Setlist |Completion=partial |Song 1=5/4 |Note 1=[1] |Song 2=Mein Herz brennt[1] |Song 3=Links 2-3-4 |Note 3=[1]