9-Track Demo

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6 Rough-Mixes / 3 Mixes
6 Rough-Mixes / 3 Mixes cover
Demo cassette tape by Rammstein
Released: 1995
Genre: Neue Deutsche Härte
Label: Motor Music
Producer: Jacob Hellner
Discogs: DiscogsLogo.png
Rammstein demo release chronology
6-Track Demo
9-Track Demo
Photograph of the original BreakOut article from 2011.[1]


  • This demo tape was sent out by Motor Music to promote the upcoming release of the debut album Herzeleid.
  • The tape was first shown publicly in the German music magazine 'BreakOut', written by Chris Glaub, where it was entitled "Das legendäre Vorab-Tape von Motor Music 1995" (The legendary preliminary cassette from Motor Music, 1995.)
  • It is unknown which of the 9 tracks are complete mixes, and which are rough mixes, as the tape hasn't been heard since its release.
  • It was long suspected that this cassette was unofficial, as a fake copy was circulated online.[2] At that point, nobody knew what the real version looked like.




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