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6 Rough-Mixes/3 Mixes

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{{Release |Name=6 Rough-Mixes / 3 Mixes |Type=Demo cassette tape |Category=demo release |Cover=9tracktape.png |Artist=Rammstein |Released=1995 |Genre=Neue Deutsche Härte |Label=Motor Music |Producer=Jacob Hellner |Discogs= |Last album=1-Track Demo
(1995) |This album=6 Rough-Mixes/3 Mixes
(1995) |Misc1=Template:Extra album cover


  • This demo tape was sent out by Motor Music to promote the upcoming release of the debut album Herzeleid.
  • The tape was first shown publicly in the German music magazine BreakOut.
  • The first six tracks are rough mixes, the last three tracks are mixes.
  • After the article became more known among fans, fakes of the tape quickly surfaced on eBay.[1]
  • The sound of the rough mixes is really muffled on this tape. Additionally Fleisch was sped up and pitched too high. After correcting the audio, the song has a length of around 3:34.


Promo tape
  1. Laichzeit - 04:20
  2. Feuerräder - 04:33
  3. Asche - 04:05
  4. Herzeleid - 03:50
  5. Seemann - 04:36
  6. Fleisch - 03:18
  7. Heirate mich - 04:42
  8. Hallo Hallo - 05:42
  9. Rammstein - 04:31