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Richard Kruspe

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Richard Zven Kruspe
© Bryan Adams
Guitarist, Vocalist
CAE / IPI:00253653368 (Kruspe, Richard)
00293439732 (Kruspe Bernstein, Richard Z)
00479767088 (Kruspe, Richard Z)
Birth: (1967-06-24) 24 June 1967 (age 57)
Wittenberge, German Democratic Republic
Member of:Rammstein
Former member of:Das elegante Chaos
Orgasm Death Gimmick
First Arsch

Richard Zven Kruspe (born 24 June 1967 in Wittenberge as Sven Kruspe) is lead guitar player and background singer for Rammstein, as well as singer and guitar player for Emigrate.


Richard Kruspe was born in Wittenberge, German Democratic Republic. He has two older sisters and an older brother. His parents divorced when he was young. His mother remarried, but he did not get along with his stepfather. They moved to the village of Weisen when he was young. Because of the poor relationship with his step-father, Kruspe often ran away from home in his early teens and slept on park benches. He later got into wrestling as a way to channel his anger.

Richard lived in Schwerin, from where he moved to Berlin in 1988. He got into a demonstration by accident on 10 October 1989, and found himself surrounded by the police. Along with others, he was dragged onto a truck which drove to Weißensee, to a police station. He had to stand on a wall for six hours if he would move he got hit by a police officer. Richard was locked away for three days. Because of that experience, Richard made the plan to leave the German Democratic Republic. He fled over Hungary and Austria to West Berlin.

In 1993 he planned to start his own band. After the wall came down he moved back to Schwerin to meet with Till. Often during work Till began to sing, which directly impressed Richard. Without a special reason, Richard recorded a few takes of Till's singing. A few weeks later he convinced Till to try to sing and record for his planned band.

At the age of sixteen, Kruspe and some friends visited Czechoslovakia, where he bought a guitar. He had originally planned to sell it because they were very expensive and thought he could make a nice profit. However, once he returned to German Democratic Republic, a girl at a campground he was staying at asked him to play. He told her that he couldn’t play, but she kept insisting, and Kruspe got mad and started strumming the strings. “The harder I played,” Richard said, “the more excited she got. Something clicked in my head and I realized girls like guys who play guitars.” This got him interested in playing the guitar, and as a result, he began playing every day and night for the next two years.

Short facts

  • Richard used to be a wrestler before starting to play guitar.
  • He first learned to play jazz guitar.
  • In 1999 he wrote the music for his own wedding.



Previous Bands


In 2024, four instrumental demos of Richard were leaked on the internet. Those include three original compositions and a cover of Helden. Since the actual track titles are unknown, we list the other three songs as Instrumental 1, Instrumental 2, and Instrumental 3.







Years used Name Notes
1994 - 2002 ESP-901
1994 - 1997 Fender Stratocaster Tobacco Sunburst
1997 - 1999 ESP KH-2 Kirk Hammett Signature
2001 - 2002 ESP Akauzu-Kun Közi Signature See-Through Red
2001 - 2002 ESP LTD EX-400 Red
2001 - 2005 ESP LTD EC-1000QM See-Through Black Cherry
2001 - 2005 ESP KH-4 Kirk Hammett Signature
2004 - 2005 Takamine EF341SC
2004 - 2005 ESP Eclipse-I CTM Black Vintage
2004 - Present ESP RZK-1
2004 - Present ESP RZK-600
2005 ESP LTD EC-50 Black used in Mann gegen Mann
2007 ESP Truckster James Heltfield Signature Silver used in My World
2008 - 2009 Gibson J200
2009 Gibson J200
2009 - Present ESP E-2 RZK-1
2009 - Present ESP RZK-2


Years used Name Type Notes
? Moog Prodigy Synthesizer Bought because he was a fan of The Prodigy, who named themselves after the Moog Prodigy synthesizer[7]
1997 - 2002 Roland PC-200MKII Keyboard used live in Bück dich
2001 - 2002 Shure Beta 58A Microphone
2001 - 2002 Shure 520DX Green Bullet Microphone
2004 - 2005 Shure SM58 Microphone
2006 - Present Shure Super 55 Deluxe Microphone
2010 - Present? Native Instruments Rammfire Software Plugin
2011 - 2013 Alesis QX49 Keyboard used live in Bück dich
2016 - Present Kemper Profiler Rack Amplifier






Guitar Picks

Guitar Strings