03.10.1997 (concert)

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3 October 1997
1997 10 03 Halle.jpg
Performance of "Weißes Fleisch"
Performance by Rammstein
Show count: #195
Country: Germany Flag of Germany.svg #160
City: Halle #3
Venue: Eissporthalle #1
Tour: Sehnsucht Tour #43
Tour leg: German Autumn leg 1997 #7
Support: Vitro #7
Price: 35 / 40 DM[1]
Songs: 17
Recordings: Audio (audience, incomplete) x1
Audio (audience, complete) x1
Touring chronology
2 October 1997 3 October 1997 4 October 1997
1997 10 03ticket.jpg


  • The only known time a different for that tour leg Bück dich intro was played, instead of the usual one which Richard would play on a keyboard, Schneider played a drum intro.[2]
  • During Rammstein Richard mistakenly started playing the guitar solo right at the beginning of the second verse, just like in the demo version of the song, so Till stopped singing and the band started improvising until he could join for the third verse.[2]
  • The show was sold out.




  • There are two incomplete audience audio recordings of this concert.
    • The first one lacks the latter half of Du riechst so gut.
      • (New transfer from master cassette made on 12/2016 features a complete audio with no cuts in songs)
    • The second one lacks Klavier, Tier, Du riechst so gut and Du hast.


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