10.06.2005 (concert)

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10 June 2005
Performance of "Keine Lust"
Performance by Rammstein
Show count: #492
Country: Germany Flag of Germany.svg #220
City: Scheeßel #2
Event: Hurricane Festival #2
Venue: Eichenring #2
Tour: Reise, Reise Tour #57
Tour leg: Summer leg 2005 #3
Other artists: Die Ärzte, System of a Down, Nine Inch Nails, Oasis, New Order and others
Price: 94,00 €
Songs: 16
Recordings: Video (professional, incomplete) x1
Audio (audience, complete) x2
Touring chronology
3 June 2005 10 June 2005 12 June 2005


  • The show was professionally filmed for future release on Völkerball, but due to sound issues caused by strong wind, the footage didn't get used.
  • The band got de-synced with the backing track during the intro of Keine Lust, resulting in Till missing his cue. He caught up again after the first chorus.
  • While Olli was present in the boat during the performance of Stripped, Till yelled "Olli, bring mal 'ne Bratwurst mit!" into his microphone, this roughly translates to "Olli, get me a Bratwurst!".




  • A snippet of Feuer frei!, as well as parts of Du riechst so gut, Amerika, Rammstein and Ich will were shown alongside an interview with Paul broadcasted on TV by Arte. It was shown during a 90 minute special of the Hurricane Festival and aired on 21 July 2005.[2] YouTube Link


  • There are two complete audience audio recordings of this concert.