26.04.1998 (concert)

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26 April 1998
Performance of "Spiel mit mir" guitar solo
Performance by Rammstein
Show count: #230
Country: United States Flag of United States.svg #11
City: San Francisco, CA #1
Venue: Maritime Hall #1
Tour: Sehnsucht Tour #79
Tour leg: North American leg 1998 #1
Support: Hanzel und Gretyl
Songs: 15
Recordings: Audio (audience, complete) x1
Touring chronology
14 December 1997 26 April 1998 27 April 1998


  • The first Rammstein headline show in the United States. The first ever performance in the United States was on 3 September 1997.
  • Bestrafe mich was played without the usual palm muted riff during the verses.[1]
  • For the third chorus of Du riechst so gut Till replaced the third "Du riechst so gut" with "You smell so good".[1]
  • Flake's drum sample at the end of the keyboard intro of Du hast did not work, that confused the guitarists, resulting in the beginning of the song getting messed up a bit.[1]
  • A new intro for Bück dich debuted here.




  • There is a complete audience audio recording of this concert.


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