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|Song 1=Ramm 4
|Song 1=Ramm4
|Song 2=Reise, Reise
|Song 2=Reise, Reise
|Song 3=Halleluja
|Song 3=Halleluja

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3 June 2016
Performance of "Ohne dich"
Concert by Rammstein
Show count:#739
Venue:Rock in Vienna
Tour:2016 / 2017 Tour
Tour leg:2016 leg
Price:89,90 € - 499,90 €
Rammstein touring chronology
2 Jun 2016 3 Jun 2016 4 Jun 2016
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Ticket 2



  • Till seemingly forgot the lyrics of the last verse of Seemann for a moment. He also added "Schon wieder" after the usual "kalt".
  • The platform that would normally be used by Till during Ich tu dir weh never got lowered to the stage. Because of this, Till emptied his sparkling pot into the tub from the normal stage.
  • Richard made a minor mistake and continued playing during the first verse of Ich will.
  • Sonne was played partially instrumental because of a microphone failure after the first verse. Till threw his microphone away while the audience sang the rest of the song. Near the end, Till grabbed a second microphone, which also did not work, and threw this one away as well.
  • The microphone also did not work at the beginning of Ohne dich, it was eventually fixed.
  • Engel was played without Till's angel wings, likely because of the previous technical problems.


HerzeleidSehnsuchtMutterReise, ReiseRosenrotLiebe ist für alle daOther: 3
2 )
    • Seemann
    • Du riechst so gut
2 )
    • Du hast
    • Engel
5 )
    • Feuer frei!
    • Mein Herz brennt
    • Links 2-3-4
    • Ich will
    • Sonne
  Reise, Reise  
3 )
    • Reise, Reise
    • Keine Lust
    • Ohne dich
1 )
    • Zerstören
  Liebe ist für alle da  
1 )
    • Ich tu dir weh
0 )
    0 )
      3 )
        • Ramm4
        • Halleluja
        • Stripped