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Ramm4 (song)

From RammWiki
Song by Rammstein
GEMA database:17682341-001
Live debut:26 May 2016
Last performed:18 Jul 2024
Live count:70

Ramm4 is an unreleased song by Rammstein.




Title Release Length Recorded Released Notes
Ramm 4 06:00 GEMA database


Title Release Type Length Recorded Released
Ramm4 YouTube Video 06:51 17 Jun 2016 Hellfest, Clisson 23 Jun 2016


Live performance

2016 / 2017 Tour

The song would start with a 60 second countdown present on monitors at both sides of the stage. The stage would be covered by a big curtain with the outline of a single digital number. When the countdown hit 10, the number 9 and the following numbers would start appearing on the stage curtain as well. When the countdown hit 0, the top of the curtain would explode, letting it fall down. Both sides of the stage would also fire many barrages of red fireworks into the air. The intro synth track would also start at this point, with Flake being one of only two members present on stage. The other member present would be Schneider, who would be laying at his drums, only rising after a while in order to join Flake in playing the intro. Both Richard and Paul would also join in after a while. Both of them would be located on lighting rigs which would start to lower once they started playing. On each side of the rectangular space would be a lit flare. Both guitarists would get off the rig once it reached the stage floor, and they would start walking towards each other at the center of the stage. Once they both got there, two rows of small explosions would go off into the air, and Olli would join them from the backstage opening.

A small break would follow, and Till would appear from the side of the stage. He would be wearing a top hat, and tapdance his way to the center of the stage. Till would then bow, stick out his tongue, and throw the hat away, which would explode. A short while after this, the others would resume playing and Till would start singing. Richard and Paul would provide backup vocals during the "Ja - Nein - RAMMSTEIN" part of the chorus. During the last verse, only Flake would provide background music while Till slowly said the lyrics. The beginning of Till's third line would differ on each performance. When performing at a festival, he would usually say the festival's name, followed by "es beginnt". On other occasions, Till would say something in the native language of the country they would be performing in. After this verse, the band would continue playing instrumentally before Paul and Richard would start singing "na na na" whilst playing slowly. They would then have the audience do this for a short while, before everyone started to play like normal again. Till would then finish the song by singing the last chorus. He would bow deep and yell for the last "Rammstein".

Up until 30 June 2016, Till would wear his normal stage outfit during the performance, and his hat would be dark grey in order to match the outfit. From 1 June 2016 onwards, this would change, with Till now wearing a white tailcoat outfit with gold trimmings. His top hat would now be white as well.


Type Description First played Last played

Professional recordings

Date Type Location City Country Notes
11 Jun 2016 Video Pinkpop Festival Landgraaf Netherlands
1 Jul 2016 Video Rock Werchter Werchter Belgium


Live version

Hier kommt die Sonne, das alte Leid
Der Meister singt: "Seid Ihr bereit?"
Mein Herz brennt, Feuer frei, Asche zu Asche
Bestrafer sein, Liebe ist für alle da
Bück dich, Amerika
Ich tu dir weh, Stein um Stein
Gott weiß, ich will kein Engel sein

Auferstanden aus Ruinen
Glück für Menschen und Maschinen
Eilt herbei von fern und nah
Wir sind wieder da!

Weißes Fleisch in der Dunkelheit
Du riechst so gut, Herzeleid
Wo bist du? Stirb nicht vor mir
Führe mich: Links 2-3-4
Du hast keine Lust
Zwei Seelen unter meiner Brust
Reise, Reise in mein Land
Bett in Flammen im Wasser verbrannt

Auferstanden aus Ruinen
Glück für Menschen und Maschinen
Eilt herbei von fern und nah
Wir sind wieder da!

Hallo, Hallo - Könnt Ihr uns hören?
Wir wollen die Ruhe stören
(place or country of the current show) es beginnt
Eine Melodie im Wind

Auferstanden aus Ruinen
Glück für Menschen und Maschinen
Eilt herbei von fern und nah
Wir sind wieder da!