11.06.2016 (concert)

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11 June 2016
Performance of "Ramm 4"
Concert by Rammstein
Event:Pinkpop Festival
Tour:2016 / 2017 Tour
Tour leg:2016 leg
Other artists:Doe Maar, Lianne La Havas, Walk Off The Earth, James Morrison, Puscifer and others
Price:90,00 €
Video:PRO, partial (1)
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  • Zerstören was played without the usual outfit. Till went backstage to put on the suicide vest during Richard's guitar solo. The band also displayed the peace sign on their LED walls at the end of the song.
  • During Feuer frei!, Paul's flamethrower mask initially malfunctioned. A crewmember fixed it before the song was over.
  • After the first verse of Du riechst so gut, Schneider lost his right drumstick and had to quickly grab a spare. Till also said "is ja jetz" after the line "Ich warte bis es dunkel ist".
  • During Mein Herz brennt, Till's burning heart did not work and he threw it away.
  • At the beginning of Ich will, Till said "fucky fucky". He also sung "ich will eure handen sehen" instead of the normal "ich will eure Hände sehen". After the line "Wir wollen eure Hände sehen", Till yelled "Ik wil uw handen zien" to the audience.


HerzeleidSehnsuchtMutterReise, ReiseRosenrotLiebe ist für alle daOther: 3
2 )
    • Seemann
    • Du riechst so gut
2 )
    • Du hast
    • Engel
5 )
    • Feuer frei!
    • Mein Herz brennt
    • Links 2-3-4
    • Ich will
    • Sonne
  Reise, Reise  
3 )
    • Reise, Reise
    • Keine Lust
    • Amerika
1 )
    • Zerstören
  Liebe ist für alle da  
1 )
    • Ich tu dir weh
0 )
    0 )
      3 )
        • Ramm 4
        • Halleluja
        • Stripped



      • The songs Ramm 4, Du riechst so gut and Du hast were broadcasted on TV a day after the performance on Dutch TV channel NPO3.
      • A part of Feuer frei was shown in a 50 years of Pinkpop retrospective with audio of Du hast over it. (Link)