12.06.2016 (concert)

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12 June 2016
Performance by Rammstein
Show count: #738
Country: France Flag of France.svg #30
City: Paris #10
Event: Download Festival #3
Tour: 2016/2017 Tour #8
Tour leg: 2016 leg #6
Price: 66 - 148,50 €
Songs: 18
Touring chronology
11 June 2016 12 June 2016 17 June 2016


  • During the performance of Ramm 4, Till started singing the last chorus too early. In order to sync back up with the others, Till sang it twice.
  • The band displayed the #prayforparis logo on their monitors after the performance of Zerstören.
    • The band also was doubtful if it's appropriate to perform the suicide vest stunt due to Bataclan terrorist attack, they decided last-minute to perform that but also the #prayforparis logo.
  • One of the horizontal lights that descended from Stripped appeared to get caught in something and nearly fell. While Till sang the second verse, Paul went to look at it.
  • This was the first performance of Frühling in Paris in 2016. It was also the song's first performance in four years. The last time it was played was on 7 March 2012.
    • Till also forgot some of the song's lyrics.