03.12.2001 (concert)

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3 December 2001
Till during the performance of "Rammstein"
Performance by Rammstein
Show count: #411
Country: Netherlands Flag of Netherlands.svg #8
City: Amsterdam #3
Venue: Heineken Music Hall #1
Tour: Mutter Tour #91
Tour leg: Winter European leg 2001 #13
Support: Clawfinger #27
Price: 67,50 ƒ
30,63 €
Songs: 18
Recordings: Audio (audience, complete) x1
Touring chronology
2 December 2001 3 December 2001 4 December 2001


  • This was the first of three consecutive concerts at the Heineken Music Hall.
  • Till's microphone started malfunctioning during the first verse of Weißes Fleisch. He received a new microphone which also did not work, before finally getting a third one that worked properly.[1][2]
  • During the performance of Rammstein, Richard came on stage too late, which resulted in Till waiting to sing until he arrived. The others shortly played the main riff during this period.[1][2]
  • During Stripped, Flake fell out of the boat and the audience ripped his shorts off. The other members reached out to him and helped him climb back onto the stage. Everyone was laughing and Flake wrapped a towel around his waist for the rest of the performance.[2]




  • There is a complete audience audio recording of this concert. (Link)


  • The venue was renamed to AFAS Live on 1 January 2017.[3]