22.05.2001 (concert)

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22 May 2001
Performance by Rammstein
Show count: #330
Country: Austria Flag of Austria.svg #16
City: Vienna #5
Venue: Wiener Stadthalle #1
Tour: Mutter Tour #10
Tour leg: German leg 2001 #8
Support: Clawfinger #8
Songs: 19
Recordings: Audio (audience, complete) x1
Touring chronology
21 May 2001 22 May 2001 24 May 2001


  • After the intro break of Sehnsucht, Schneider played a bit too fast, leading him to de-sync with the other members for a moment.
  • The intro of Asche zu Asche was played without any guitars. It's unknown if they either didn't work or Paul and Richard were doing it on purpose.


{{Setlist |Completion=full |Song 1=5/4 |Song 2=Mein Herz brennt |Song 3=Links 2-3-4 |Song 4=Feuer frei! |Song 5=Rein raus |Song 6=Adios |Song 7=Mutter |Song 8=Spieluhr |Song 9=Zwitter |Song 10=Weißes Fleisch |Song 11=Sehnsucht |Song 12=Asche zu Asche |Song 13=Du hast |Song 14=Engel |Song 15=Nebel

  1. Rammstein
  2. Sonne
  3. Ich will
  4. Pet Sematary



  • There is a complete audience audio recording of this concert.


  1. Audio recording