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01.11.2004 (concert): Difference between revisions

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|Tour=Reise, Reise Tour
|Tour=Reise, Reise Tour
|Tour leg=European leg 2004
|Tour leg=European leg 2004

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1 November 2004
Till and Flake during the performance of "Mein Teil"
Concert by Rammstein
Show count:#445
Tour:Reise, Reise Tour
Tour leg:European leg 2004
Support act:Exilia
Price:46,00 €
Audio:AUD, complete (1)
Video:PRO, partial (1)
Rammstein touring chronology
13 Oct 2004 1 Nov 2004 2 Nov 2004
Additional images:


  • Originally another show was scheduled on that date but was ultimately cancelled.
  • The only time that the album Reise, Reise was played in its entirety for public.
  • The only show where Amour was played outside of the fanclub shows, as well as the last time it was performed live.
  • One of two public shows where Dalai Lama was played, the other being on the next day.
  • Till messed up the lyrics during the first verse of Morgenstern.
  • Ohne dich rarely got played acoustically on this tour.
  • Richard experienced some guitar troubles during the guitar solo of Stein um Stein.[1]
  • Oliver's bass guitar didn't work in the intro of Keine Lust.


HerzeleidSehnsuchtMutterReise, ReiseOther: 1
2 )
    • Du riechst so gut
    • Rammstein
2 )
    • Du hast
    • Sehnsucht
5 )
    • Links 2-3-4
    • Feuer frei!
    • Rein raus
    • Sonne
    • Ich will
  Reise, Reise  
11 )
    • Reise, Reise
    • Keine Lust
    • Dalai Lama
    • Morgenstern
    • Mein Teil
    • Stein um Stein
    • Moskau
    • Amerika
    • Ohne dich
    • Los
    • Amour
0 )
      Liebe ist für alle da  
    0 )
      0 )
        0 )
          1 )
            • Stripped



          • Parts of Reise, Reise, Feuer frei!, Moskau and Amerika were broadcasted on TV. (Link)
            • The original clips had studio audio, and their audio has been replaced by the audience recording's audio.


          • There is a complete audience audio recordings of this concert available in two versions. It was found in discussions on old forums that these two versions might come from difference sources (ie they're two different recordings). (Link to 1)


          1. 1.0 1.1 Audio recording